Software for extracting and

anonymizing sensitive data

 Save time and get better results

 The user saves considerable time on the redaction process. The selected information can be marked manually, using search and via built-in intelligent searches. The user avoids having to manually search for information and can focus on assessing what is to be redacted.


The risk of errors is significantly reduced.

The result is faster and better redaction for the benefit of users, citizens and customers alike

 SAFE - secure redaction 

Redacted text in the document
cannot be recreated

  • The application encrypts the working document so that sensitive information cannot be tracked or read by an unauthorized third party

  • The original document cannot be inadvertently edited

  • The application detects changes and it is always possible to follow the audit trail

  • legalXtract ensures that consistent words and spaces turn into one black line when the document is redacted

 FAST - efficient processes 

AI application for fast identification of relevant and sensitive data

  • Automating existing manual processes makes it easy to process sensitive data internally within the organization

  • The user is saved for the traditional processes (printing, marking, overwriting and scanning / copying)

  • The functions "search", "search and replace", "CPR, names, e-mail", "custom mask" and search list make the search fast and targeted

  • legalXtract allows you to insert optional labels for anonymizing text

 EASY - built-in intelligence

Built-in intelligence
makes the redaction secure and the application easy to use ​

  • The application uses intelligence and image recognition algorithms to identify words and images in the document

  • Save an encrypted version and a colleague can continue the work

  • Multiple PDFs can be aggregated into one file

  • The user can insert notes, digital stamps, automatic table of contents and page numbers


legalXtract is used to anonymize documents, decisions and paradigms.

legalXtract is suitable for the production of document and material collections in transactions and litigation.

Adding all types of documents, inserting a stamp with your own logo and automatic table of contents are some of the additional features.

Several people can easily collaborate on the documents and everything is digital