Software for automating 

redaction and anonymization 




Redacted text in the document can not be recreated

automates compliance processes

 GDPR challenges? 

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legalXtract helps to secure, fast and easy redaction and anonymization of

personal data

legalXtract ensures that deleted data can never be restored - the process is irreversible

 Automated access 

legalXtract helps the user identify the information to be excluded from access to documents.

The redaction meets the requirements of the Public Law and other public access laws.

The process is digital and supports collaboration in all parts of the process.

Many documents can be processed at the same time, so that larger cases of access to documents are handled better and more effectively.


legalXtract is used to anonymize documents, decisions and paradigms.

legalXtract is suitable for the production of document and material collections in transactions and litigation.

Adding all types of documents, inserting a digital stamp with your own logo and automatic table of contents are some of the additional features.

Several people can easily collaborate on the documents and everything is digital